Lorenzo Tañada Jr Tribute

A Tribute to our Beloved “Tito” Tañada

Thank you for being a wonderful friend, son, brother, husband, and father!

The following video is similar to the picture slideshow shown during the funeral services (Dec 25-27) at the Arlington Memorial Chapel in Quezon City. Click the following link below (note: you will need a Google/Gmail login to view the video because it is hosted by Google Drive. Duration 33 minutes):

Tribute Video for Lorenzo E Tañada Jr


Thank you to all the speakers during the wake. The following are the footage of the eulogies by each speaker.

Karen Tañada (niece)

Monty Tañada Roxas (nephew and godson)

Jorenz Tañada (nephew)

Millette Tañada Ocampo (sister)

Bob Tañada (brother)

Chito Tañada (son)

Trixie Tañada Jao (daughter)

Jobo Tañada (son)

Photo Gallery

To view pictures taken during the funeral services, click the following link below and visit the password protected page (to request for the password email ltanada@gmail.com):

Photo Gallery for LET Jr


Please click the following link to kindly share your comments, anecdotes, and stories of Tits Tañada.

Comments for Tribute Page of LET Jr

Thank You

Thank you so so much to everybody who help with Tito’s services, for the cards, and each and everyone who were able to visit. Certainly, he felt your lovely presence.